Who's behind this?

Every project sees responsibility shared amongst Flutter’s family:

  • Pre-production and project management from Jacky Winter
  • Design, direction and production from 21-19
  • Visuals from the Jacky Winter artist(s) of your choice.

The project management team oversee each project and manage timelines and expectations. If you’ve worked with Jacky Winter before, you probably know the drill. The same friendly faces. The same awesome project man-agement. The same amazing promos and Christmas gifts. All cranked up to 11. If you haven’t, it won’t take you long to understand why we’re loved by our artists and our clients alike.

The team from 21-19 are our designers and directors. Working closely with a specific artist, they lead and develop the creative from the story-board and treatment stage through to animation and production.

The role of the Jacky Winter artist is to do what they do best; create ex-ceptional artwork that meets your brief but defies your expectation, ready for picture-perfect transformation into dynamic motion.

Beyond common requirements like voiceover talent and post-production facilities, the vast networks of Flutter’s extended family can bring the appropriate resources to the table. When your project needs a matte painter, a freelance rigger, or (some completely crazy thing you actually could provide), the Jacky Winter and 21-19 teams always have proven talent close to hand.

Who are Jacky Winter?

The Jacky Winter Group is Australasia’s leading agency representing con-temporary imagemakers. Established by Jeremy Wortsman in 2007 to rep-resent a small band of Australia’s most exciting illustrators, the agency has grown to represent a broad range of visual talent, from signpainters, propmakers and papercraft artists through to embroiderers and 3D artists. The group represents over 100 artists at the top of their game across four distinctive agency groups — the core Jacky Winter Group; our sister agen-cies The Hatch, which represents young and emerging artists; The Bowery, representing storyboarders and visualisers; and Rock of Eye, which repre-sents top-shelf international artists within Australia for special bookings.

To find out more about Jacky Winter, or to select the right artist for your motion project, head on over to the main Jacky Winter site.

Who are 21-19?

Founded by Ryan Guppy and Domenico Bartolo, 21-19 is an award-winning motion graphics agency based in Melbourne.

Founder and director Dom Bartolo has been the creative driving force behind many television brands in Europe and Australia, successfully branding channels such as VH2, MTV Brand New, TV1, Max, Lifestyle, Smash Hits, Kerang, Disney XD, Discovery, ABC, Fox Sports, and The Comedy Channel.

21-19’s extensive team are uniquely positioned to build strong brand stories that can be translated across a range of visual media, partnering the latest technology with experience and expertise. Dom’s contagious energy and boundless enthusiasm for the medium inspire everybody who comes into contact with him.

What's so special about your storyboards?

After the initial brief, our artists work exclusively alongside our animation directors, developing the visual direction and rich narrative for the project. This means that the storyboards you eventually approve will be “picture perfect” — what you see is what you get. They are like architectural blue-prints — they let everyone involved on the project know what to expect.

Once they are approved, it’s a simple matter of getting the builders in and laying the bricks. We find that this is the most efficient way to work and helps keep projects on time and on budget. We never progress to the next stage until we have reached an approval and sign off all storyboards and written creative treatments.

This is all great, but I've got a bit of a crazy challenge for you?

Oh yeah? Bring it on. Honestly, we’ve never done the same thing twice – the beauty of the way we work is that we’re only limited by the imagination of everybody involved. And you know what that means? No limit at all. That might sound like we’re just posturing, but here’s the thing: though we are a relatively new kid on this block, the Flutter family have collectively proven over the years that we are bigger than any challenge you can throw at us. So get in touch. Tell us about it. Listen to how excited we get about your crazy challenge, and then see the joy we take in meeting your challenge and turning it into something wonderful.