What is Flutter?

Flutter is an animation and motion graphics house that’s got unstoppable moves. As we bring your project to life — for broadcast, film, television, or digital — we combine the assurance and security you’d expect from a full-service production house with the dexterity and creative energy of our brilliant family of imagemakers.

Whatever the style you’re after, you’re going to find a perfect match as we guide you through our exclusive 100-strong roster of artists. We’ll then stay with you as our Emmy award-winning team of directors and animators step up to the plate, turning pic-ture-perfect keyframes from your genius of choice into full-on movie magic.

Our Process

Artwork and animation by Julian Frost

Make a match

Whether you’ve already worked with one of our artists, or you have no idea where to begin, and whether you’ve got a clear brief or just a problem to solve, we’ll work out budgets and schedules and bring together the best team for the job – starting, of course, with the artist that’s just right for your campaign.

Make a plan

In the concept development phase, we map out how we’re going to tell the story. With the help of rough pencil frames from the artist, we’ll show you how it will unfold, and you’ll approve the general layout and composition of scenes before we get down to serious inking. We’ll put the rough ideas together in a boardomatic, which will give you a sense of pace, and show you, roughly, how all of the elements are going to turn into something pretty excellent.

Make a world

The artist will work closely with you on the tone and design of your pro-duction’s world, from character design through to other key elements such as infographics and typography. Once all of this is approved, it’s on to our seriously awesome picture-perfect storyboards. Final frame illustrations of each of the key moments in the story will show you exactly what the end animation will look like before we move into production.

Make it move

We’ll set the keyframes into rough action across the timeline, giving you another chance to approve things before we work on the nitty gritty detail of the finished product. After we bring in relevant music and voiceovers, it’s on to final animation, rendering and compositing, before we package everything up in an online master that’s delivered to your specifications.